Creating a memorable brand requires the conveyance of a distinctive, appealing personality that attracts a cult of devotees. It requires a shift in thinking, plus commitment and consistency. It requires the Black Sheep Effect.

Uniquely Different
Black Sheep Design is a unique team of talented individuals passionate about bringing brands to life through innovation, creativity, and efficiency. True to our name, we stand out for being different — in how we think, speak, act, solve challenges. We have a near-fanatical dedication to our work, and our success has been built exclusively on referrals.

Effectively Efficient
Our unique organizational structure allows us flexibility which results in fees equally efficient as our operation, and our way of thinking ensures we look at projects and goals from all angles. Regardless of the tactic — brand strategy, identity development, print collateral, website design, et al — our shepherdess assembles just the right team of creative professionals, no more, no less, all the while keeping close watch on your bottom dollar.

Often described as the Southwest Airlines of branding, we make the very most of a budget. We're not focused on grand impressions, fancy office architecture or silly tchotchkes. Instead, we focus on what really counts: doing amazing work, helping clients succeed, enjoying the journey as much as the result. We are incredibly passionate about ensuring every aspect of our work is executed correctly — qualitatively and aesthetically — and more often than not, the solutions we devise make a big impact yet at a cost significantly lower than traditional agency approaches. And you'll enjoy the ride, guaranteed!

Sheepishly Distinct
The Black Sheep flock produces great work. And when we say great, we mean more than just pretty. We mean effective work that consistently exceeds client expectations … and often ours, too. Like all black sheep, we're not for everybody. You're not hiring us to be your best friend. You're hiring us to bring your brand to life in a way that is creative, yet practical. We'll listen to what you have to say and tell you what you need to hear. And, along the way, you'll probably end up liking us — a lot.

Willing to do things differently? If so, get in touch with the shepherdess.