Dana Danielson: she's a charismatic powerhouse of capability, a multitasking goddess, an organizational wonderland, a detail freak, a client's dream. She'll take on the responsibility of breathing fire into your brand, get you juiced about what it is you do and why you do it, and she'll make the whole experience so pleasurable you'll happily pay her fee. Dana cut her teeth as Lifestyle Editor of her college newspaper, The East Carolinian, then went on to be a graphic designer at The Body Shop US headquarters in Wake Forest, NC. After dabbling her toes in a few different roles with various smaller agencies, she ditched the Birks for Blahniks and headed west for Scottsdale, AZ, ultimately joining forces with one of the pioneering branding agencies, SHR Perceptual Management. In 2003, she got fed up with working for The Man and launched Black Sheep Design, powered exclusively by a first generation cherry red iMac, an iron will, mad skills, two cockatiels, a fleeting 60 minutes of stardom on TLC's Trading Spaces, and an inability to say no — a quality that's great for biz but hell on her dating life.

Andre Linnartz: staking out territory in the identity and multimedia paddocks of the Black Sheep pasture, Andre's talent in creating impactful logos and amazing website designs is mind-blowing. With a BFA in Design Science, a silver Addy award, and thirteen years in the agency and freelance worlds, Andre sometimes spends spare time to earn spare cash as a fashion model.

Kace Montgomery (aka Sheep No Three): her forte is blending original illustration with back-to-basics design philosophy to provide that extra special bit of creative brilliance for the client. A busy sheep with a Fine Arts degree and years of international travel under her belt, Kace spends her time as a fine artist, drawing teacher at the local college, Bodhràn (Irish Drum) player, and public art & music consultant. Two cool cocktail party tales include Kace's creation of a successful in-hospital arts and healing program, and an unsuccessful line of animal rainboots (ZooBoots).

Bill Brymer: he may seem mild-mannered but deep down he's really a wolf in sheep's clothing, seething to stalk *the* consummate concept, and craft *the* quintessential message in order to effect howling praise for and devout loyalty to your brand. A bona fide Kentucky Colonel, born and bred from a family clan of marketing disciples (tho not moonshiners), he'll charm you with his genteel demeanor and passion for the written word. On weekends you'll find him in overalls playing gentleman farmer and offering a commiserating ear to tales of fillies and foes lost.

Clay Whipkey: the sheep you count while trying to sleep, Clay jumps mirthfully back and forth over the fence between creative and technical. He hails from a design educational background but his primary area of expertise is in The Code. However, confuse him not with your typical programming geek: Clay is a rare breed whose left and right brains fire in tandem. He sees the big picture — displaying that je ne sais quoi eye for style while at the same time understanding the complex business processes lurking behind the scenes — in order to painlessly bring the interactive world to life. In his spare time Clay is a songwriter and musician ... ok, we'll admit, he's a rock star. In more than just our pastures.

Wanna learn more? Wolf-whistle at the shepherdess: dana@blacksheepeffect.com.